Espresso Candle


Sold By: 310 Beacon Candle Co

Espresso: Honey? Did you forget to turn off the coffee pot? Our Espresso candle is just that ! Rich chocolate notes included with warm and spicy notes of vanilla brings in the feel of a morning breakfast surprise or a cozy movie night.

We recommend our Espresso candle for a reading study, small office, kitchen, or dining room. This scent works very well year round.

All candles made with 310 Beacon are natural soy products created using high quality ingredients along with pure cotton wicks.

Hand Poured into 9oz vintage-inspired amber jars.

Our candles provide 8oz of natural soy wax designed to burn approximately 45-48 hours

Proudly made in Tyler, Texas.

Products usually ship in 2 days.

Shipping for this product is $5.99

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