Silver Stackable Rings


Sold By: Peles Song Jewelry

These were created for something fun to wear, that can be mixed and matched. They are small and dainty little rings that each have a different pattern on each one. You can wear one, or many. A patina has been added to accent the stamping as well as give the piece an aged look, and then polished with steel wool. Every marking on my hand stamped pieces is like a brush stroke on a painting to create a picture. The stamps that I use are all custom made by me to create my own original designs. All my jewelry is one of a kind and made to provide a sense of comfort and hope for the one wearing it. I put a lot of love into all my pieces and they are each different like the ones wearing them.
All my jewelry is solid Sterling Silver and/or Copper. No chemicals are used to coat, nor glues used for joints or attaching stones. Any joining of metals is with silver or copper solder, depending on the metal.

Product Specifications:
16G Sterling Silver Wire

Sizes Available:

Shipping for this item is $3.50

Proudly handmade in Lindale, TX.

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